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Insaltd is a flavorful high-potency electrolyte drink mix that features a revolutionary all-natural zero-calorie sweetener and natural flavors. For a limited time, order one or more of our 28-pack boxes ($42.97 less 10% =  $38.67) and get a FREE sample pack included in your order. It’s a great way to try all four of our flavors. Oh, and USA shipping is free too. 

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About Hailee Piendl

Hailee is a dynamic women’s health and fitness coach who specializes in transforming lives with a mix of sass and science. She empowers women who feel overwhelmed by their diets and body image to reclaim their power and embrace self-love. Whether tackling disordered eating or simply aiming to enhance fitness levels, Hailee is dedicated to guiding her clients through their personal health journeys. Her coaching services are meticulously designed to help clients shed fat, build muscle, and feel fantastic. With customized workout plans, motivational support, and a touch of humor, Hailee ensures that her clients not only meet but exceed their goals. We are grateful that she loved Insaltd enough to share it with her community, promoting healthy hydration as a key component of a balanced lifestyle.



Hailee Piendl

Women’s Health and Fitness coach

After trying MANY different electrolyte powders and drinks Insaltd has proven to be the best because it works for my high intensity workout routine, strength training, and running workouts. I feel amazing taking insaltd over my typical preworkout. Not only that, it tastes amazing by far my favourite flavour is the mango passionfruit!

– Hailee Piendl


more electrolytes to help you HYDRATE BETTER THAN EVER


What Others Say

Not everyone loves Insaltd but these people sure as hell do.

The guy next to me on the shuttle to Tulum was drinking Insaltd and it smelled so good I wanted to try it. I could taste the salt but it goes so well with the flavor that the saltiness is hardly noticeable. The flavor and smell is great and it’s very refreshing. I tried all the flavors and my favorite is the grapefruit—although the mango passionfruit is right up there too. The stick packs make it easy for me to add to water wherever I am, and as a result, I find I’m drinking more water. This is my go-to electrolyte now.

Mac Mollohan / Pso-Rite

Insaltd offers a well-balanced blend of vital minerals and nutrients that cater to my body’s needs. I find immense pleasure in savoring their diverse range of flavors. Experimenting with flavor combinations is something I thoroughly enjoy, and my personal favorite electrococktail involves mixing mango passionfruit with citrus for a truly delightful and refreshing experience. I’m hooked.

Arda Caymaz / DropRite

Nowadays it is hard to find something just natural and that really offers you the minerals to keep you hydrated. This is a hydration supplement that actually works, it has a nice ratio of ingredients, and it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners. The cleanest hydration supplement on the market! Just what I needed, my favorite one; mango passionfruit.


Crystal Vazquez / Runner

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Our Ingredients Make The Difference

We know you care about what you put in your body. That’s why we believe in complete transparency when it comes to our list of ingredients. This is exactly what you are going to get on each Insaltd™ stick pack.

Sodium chloride, potassium citrate, Glyvia™ (aminoacetic acid & plant glycosides complex), magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, vitamin D3, natural flavor, citric acid, and chromium polynicotinate

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A Revolutionary Zero-Calorie Plant-Based Sweetener That Actually Tastes Like Sugar

Our formulation uses Glyvia™, a zero-calorie plant-based sweetener that helps support healthy blood sugar while also enhancing nutrient absorption.

It has been approved by Health Canada as a dietary supplement and it is the primary reason we can get so many hydrating electrolytes in our naturally-flavored formula while still delivering a great-tasting drink without sugar, artificial sweeteners or that stevia aftertaste.




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