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Our high-potency electrolyte blend is made with a revolutionary all-natural zero-calorie sweetener.  And no, it’s not stevia.

Our scintillating citrus features refreshing bursts of lime, lemon and a little hint of orange. The delicious combination of sweet and tart makes for a mix that is bright and energizing, elevating you with every sip.

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Our gratifying grapefruit is bold and tart yet slightly sweet. Close your eyes and take a whiff, it’s like you’re smelling a freshly cut and perfectly ripe grapefruit that was picked straight from the tree.

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The harmonious flavors of sweet juicy mango and tangy passionfruit are a match made in tropical heaven—we’re sure this one will transport you to a far-off paradise. 

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The tang of lemon is perfectly balanced with a stimulating spicy ginger kick to deliver your electrolytes in this revitalizing flavor profile. 

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Our variety pack contains each of our 4 flavors: Mango Passionfruit x3, Grapefruit x3, Lemon Ginger x3 and Citrus x3, so you can experience Insaltd firsthand and see which flavors you like best.

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Most people are chronically dehydrated and they don’t even know it. Ironically, water alone is not enough to fix hydration issues. The key is getting enough mineral salts, namely; sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Poor hydration commonly shows up as sluggish performance, muscle cramping, slow recovery, headaches, brain fog and poor blood sugar regulation.

Insaltd is on a mission to help people build a resilient body by first ensuring they are properly hydrated.

Common Symptoms of Poor Hydration 

We deliver 3 things in our electrolyte mix:

Electrolyte Blend:
900mg Sodium, 300mg Potassium, 100mg Magnesium and 18mg of Calcium to dramatically enhance fluid absorption and nervous system function.

About our formula

Natural Flavors
that pair well with salts to make it deliciously easy to drink more electrolyte-rich water. Shop now

Plant-based Sweetener
that helps with nutrient absorption and blood sugar management for better hydration than is possible from sugar, stevia or artificial sweeteners.

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